Staying Healthy Series: Staying Hydrated

This is a must during these hot summer months. (Well.. it has been pretty hot here in DC and in the Bay Area as well!) Finding the right size drinking container and keeping it near by is a must. However, not only keeping it near you, you have to remember to drink your water on a regular basis. Have you set how much you will drink each day? Some of us even have a timer set so we are sure to know when to drink our designated amount throughout the day! If you are home most of the time, you may feel this is a no brainer, well, think again my friend. We get so busy with work, doing houshold chores, teaching fitness and dance on Zoom or puttsing around, it is easy to overlook one of the most important parts of your Health and Wellness journey.. Staying Hydrated!!!

Next thing, where is your water coming from? Are you using plastic, glass or aluminum bottles, a portable water filter pitcher, and heaven forbid just plain old tap water (unless you live in a really good tap water area.. hmmm, now where is that??) For many years my water filtration system connected to the kitchen sink, and just recently switched from above the sink to below.. Definitely loving the new convenient and handy location. My filtered water is used for drinking, and cooking.

When considering a water filtration system of any kind, there are a few things to take into consideration:

1. Check for it’s certifications ie. NSF

2. Make sure your product has been constructed safe from materials and claims that are backed by test data.

3. Make sure it allows beneficial minerals like calcium, magnesium to pass through.

4. That it dramatically improves the taste, order and overall water clarity.

5. Check how many times will you need to replace the filter(s)

6. As with my pic, make sure you see the difference in the used filter and the new one being replaced.

Now that I have shared a few hydration tips, what are you waiting for???


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