Seeing Life Series: Moments

. When was the last time you were in “ahhh” of something that you found beautiful, intriguing or just totally “breathtaking”?

. When was the last time you walked a little slower down your block, neighborhood or in your backyard to look more carefully at a particular flower or plant?

. When was the last time you stopped and looked up towards the sky to see the soft, white, pillowy clouds and their variety of shapes and sizes?

. When was the last time you sat outside or near an open window at night and listened to the creatures as they sang their various tunes? Or the birds in the early morning?

. When was the last time we sat by a body of water and took in the calmness of the rippling waves?

When was the last time, YOU simply took time…

Published by FloydWellness and Works

I am Debra Floyd, and “Welcome” to my Blog! I am a semi-retired, x-techie, cardio and dance instructor, performance artist, health and wellness coach and inspirational poster! I am looking to blog about various health and wellness, nutrition, fitness and you name-it topics. You are welcome to contact me directly, letting me know your interest, concerns for interesting topics. I totally love and enjoy being able to assist others on their health and wellness journey along with adding exercise, movement and good nutrition to the mix. So once again “Welcome” and I look forward to hearing from YOU!

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