Self ❤️ Series: I see you, I feel you…

I choose to not be you... (learned from the Calm Meditation app) This is my new mantra when anxiety hits, and I must say, it has been very helpful.  Just because certain unpleasant  emotions grab a hold of you, it does not mean you have to “be” that emotion.  We can see it, feel it and still not “live in” it.  However, we can “hold space” so it can move on. 

The act of “holding space” for me,  means finding a place within where I can observe the emotion, possibly it’s root case, and then find ways to take care of myself and allow it to move onward.  I know, it all seems so much “easier said than done”.  And truthfully, some days it is.  LOL (I will do a future blog post around “holding space” especially when it comes to helping friends.)

Recently I saw on Instagram a post by Mel Robbins, where she talked about waking up with anxiety, know that one, and how she dealt with it.  Here are a few of her suggestions and more:

. get up, do not just lay there smothering youself in the dreaded feelings.

. move, exercise, dance, go for a walk, do yoga, do something that will move both your body, energy and anxiety around.

.meditation, prayer, deep breathing exercises,  mindfullness all of which can help in getting to the root of anxiety in particular or in general.

. take really good vitamins and supplements (especially if you know where the herbs are grown and harvested) making sure your body is getting what it needs along with your daily meals.

. eating for what your body needs, meat, fish, veggie/vegan, dairy/gluten/sugar free, (that’s me minus the meat and fish,) that way, making sure your body is receiving the right nourshment on a daily basis.

. getting adequate rest, sleep is essential for sustaining a sound emotional state of being.  (this can be tricky for those of us also dealing with insomnia, thank you menapause).

. if medication is needed, by all means take it. 

There are so many levels to the depths of anxiety, therefore, this is just a bit of my personal journey. Find what works for you. Do not be ashamed or feel less than because you have “those days” when nothing seems right. Be gentle as you travel through those days and know I support you in finding a process for yourself.  🦋


Mel Robbins –

Calm Meditation App –

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I am Debra Floyd, and “Welcome” to my Blog! I am a semi-retired, x-techie, cardio and dance instructor, performance artist, health and wellness coach and inspirational poster! I am looking to blog about various health and wellness, nutrition, fitness and you name-it topics. You are welcome to contact me directly, letting me know your interest, concerns for interesting topics. I totally love and enjoy being able to assist others on their health and wellness journey along with adding exercise, movement and good nutrition to the mix. So once again “Welcome” and I look forward to hearing from YOU!

One thought on “Self ❤️ Series: I see you, I feel you…

  1. It is so important to acknowledge the feeling and not “become” the feeling. Thank you for sharing this important message and reminding us that it is also important to “hold the space” so we can allow ourselves time to work through the feeling. These are vital life skills that should be shared with children.

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