Self 🧡 Series: What Do YOU Do for YOU?

As I was marketing a new line of make-up on Instagram, I came up with a funny yet very real script.. Make-Up: Girlfriend, where are you going? Me: No where.. this is for ME! Each and every day I believe in “getting up” and “showing up” as best I can. It helps me stay positiveContinue reading “Self 🧡 Series: What Do YOU Do for YOU?”

Self 🧡 Series: Light, Love & Peace

A Gentle Giant, indeed she was.. This blog post IS about paying tribute to whom I am calling a “Gentle Giant” and NOT about politics, political opinions, taking sides. I was moved, so very touched after reading the following article about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, that I wanted to share it with all of you. ThisContinue reading “Self 🧡 Series: Light, Love & Peace”

Self 🤎 Series: Standing Though It All (STIA)

It just looks like a simple rock… and to some it is. However, to me, it’s my Standing Through It All point of focus. This rock is right outside my window and has been there for years. No matter the weather conditions, rain, snow, sleet, you name it.. my rock is there. I really startingContinue reading “Self 🤎 Series: Standing Though It All (STIA)”

Seeing Life Series: Holding Space

In my last blog, I spoke about “Holding Space” for self. Holding Space can be for others as well. Have you ever said to a friend or family member: . I’ve got your back . Know I am here for you . I’m listening . I feel ya . I understand You’re listening to othersContinue reading “Seeing Life Series: Holding Space”