Seeing Life Series: Holding Space

In my last blog, I spoke about “Holding Space” for self. Holding Space can be for others as well.

Have you ever said to a friend or family member:

. I’ve got your back

. Know I am here for you

. I’m listening

. I feel ya

. I understand

You’re listening to others when you..

. ask open and honest questions

. focus on the person talking

. not looking at your phone or some other distraction

. making and maintaining eye contact

. not dominating the conversation with suggestions and or preceived fixes

These are all forms of verbally Holding Space for others. Many times people come to you with their heart, emotions, feelings in their hand, and they want you to “just” listen to them. They need a safe space to release what is bothering them in hopes of releasing even a small bit of the hurt and heartache they are feeling. Often times, they are not coming for advice or your opinion about their situation. They are coming to you looking for a non-judgemental, safe space to be emotional.

Holding Space for others is more than just listening with your ears. It’s listening with your eyes, your posture and most of all with your heart.

Holding Space means sincerely showing that you care about what they are saying and the feelings behind their words.

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