Self 🧡 Series: Light, Love & Peace

My Sunlit Room 2020

A Gentle Giant, indeed she was..

This blog post IS about paying tribute to whom I am calling a “Gentle Giant” and NOT about politics, political opinions, taking sides. I was moved, so very touched after reading the following article about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, that I wanted to share it with all of you. This article really helped me to understand how to be with others whose opinions differ greatly from my own.

My dear friend Chris F. wrote the following after reading the article, “It (the article) showed an independent woman who remained gentle and kind to others regardless of how she was treated – very difficult thing to do”. I totally agree with her accessment.

As “airey-fairy” (this phrase is from my CA days) as it may sound, we really do need more Light, Love & Peace in our hearts, souls and surroundings. I feel it helps by taking deep breaths every now and then and finding ways to sit with ourselves and just be still. Even as hard as these times can feel right now, there is enough Light, Love & Peace for us ALL.

May her loving acts of kindness be a lesson to us all..

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