Self 🧡 Series: What Do YOU Do for YOU?

As I was marketing a new line of make-up on Instagram, I came up with a funny yet very real script.. Make-Up: Girlfriend, where are you going? Me: No where.. this is for ME!

Each and every day I believe in “getting up” and “showing up” as best I can. It helps me stay positive and gives me what I need to be supportive with others.

Often during these times, we need to find those things that cause us to feel pretty, safe, secure, needed, loved and or just overall positive about ourselves. Finding the positive things that we can take a hold of and say, This is for Me! This helps Me feel good. It does not have to be anything large or super dramatic, however, a tad of drama every now and then doesn’t hurt. LOL

Finding something large enough that when those not so positive feelings begin asking – Girlfriend, what are you doing? You can respond, “Honey, this is for ME!”

So I support you checking in with your self to determine, What can you start or continue doing that is just for YOU!

Make-up: Atistry

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I am Debra Floyd, and “Welcome” to my Blog! I am a semi-retired, x-techie, cardio and dance instructor, performance artist, health and wellness coach and inspirational poster! I am looking to blog about various health and wellness, nutrition, fitness and you name-it topics. You are welcome to contact me directly, letting me know your interest, concerns for interesting topics. I totally love and enjoy being able to assist others on their health and wellness journey along with adding exercise, movement and good nutrition to the mix. So once again “Welcome” and I look forward to hearing from YOU!

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