Self ❤️ Series: What Gifts Are You Sitting On

What have you been “thinking” about doing and yet have not made a move on doing it? What natural ability have you taken for granted? Is there something you really are good at doing, and have just taken it for granted? Saying to yourself, it really is nothing, or that it does not matter? Really??? NO really???

Before COVID when I was teaching in dance studios, I would have students with such amazing dancing ability, just taking it for granted and so not taking it seriously. Totally not interested in sharing their “gift” with others. I would ask them what do they want to do with their gift… “nothing” would be their reply. I was alwyas taken back and think..”oh my”. I guess because “gifts/talents” are so precious to me. And I must admit that dance was my life for so many years. It was my gift and I was dtermined to develop it to the best of my ability.

What causes people to not pursue a particular talent or gift that they have been given? Is it a total lack of interest? Is there a fear of rejection? Fear of hard work and or failure? Or may be they do not see what others see in them.

These are all questions we must ask ourselves and decide as to the reasons. It is not for me or others to judge. However, we can encourage and support those that may need a little nudge. “Hold a space” just as I have talked about in a previous blog, for them, as they slowly develop thier gift. Sometimes it means holding a mirror up so they can see what they have going on.. and that you are there to support them through the process. Gifts are meant to be shared with others for we never know who is being inspired by watching YOU!

Think about what gift you can share with others today!

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I am Debra Floyd, and “Welcome” to my Blog! I am a semi-retired, x-techie, cardio and dance instructor, performance artist, health and wellness coach and inspirational poster! I am looking to blog about various health and wellness, nutrition, fitness and you name-it topics. You are welcome to contact me directly, letting me know your interest, concerns for interesting topics. I totally love and enjoy being able to assist others on their health and wellness journey along with adding exercise, movement and good nutrition to the mix. So once again “Welcome” and I look forward to hearing from YOU!

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