Self ❤️ Series: Forgiveness

For starters,   “I’m sorry”, just plain “sorry” and definitely “sorry bout that” bothers me.  Those particular words/phrases seem to get thrown around like crazy, often with no real meaning or sincere thought behind it.  It is so automatic.. “oh sorry, sorry”, hmmm.. (Ok. I have been guilty of saying that myself…) I much more prefer,  “I apologize”,  “that was notContinue reading “Self ❤️ Series: Forgiveness”

Staying Healthy Series: Staying Hydrated

This is a must during these hot summer months. (Well.. it has been pretty hot here in DC and in the Bay Area as well!) Finding the right size drinking container and keeping it near by is a must. However, not only keeping it near you, you have to remember to drink your water onContinue reading “Staying Healthy Series: Staying Hydrated”

Self ❤️ Series: A Reflection

This is what I am learning to be, do and accept.. Me. So often, we as women, just do not think of ourselves first, or so often, not at all. One of the songs in my movement class is entitled “Self Love”. It speaks to how we give so much to others, sending much loveContinue reading “Self ❤️ Series: A Reflection”

Staying Healthy Series: Maintaining A Routine, Calendar or Do It Now List!

For me, being such a structured person, it was imperative that I continue to follow a daily routine during this “Protective Mode Time” as I like to call it. I did not want to go through my days Willy-Nilly.. (which on some days is actually, OK! LOL) I found that keeping a routine helps meContinue reading “Staying Healthy Series: Maintaining A Routine, Calendar or Do It Now List!”